Friday, 1 June 2012

A Little Hint of What's to Come....

"Once I was a god, the ruler of a great dark circle which the insect-like creatures of this world call Morrslieb. I was beyond good and evil, my powers waxed as I used the very core of my world to grant me power over matter and mind.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thoughts of Shadows and Blood

Good Depiction of a Vampire.
How's Nichol von Strauss work? He's my main man.

Hello once more,

The next thing on my agenda is to take a break from my Warriors of Chaos, and do some work on my Vampire Counts. I've figured out a list I like, which will be below. And the best part about it is that I have most of the models included.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thoughts from Last Week

Hello Again Readers;

I had a couple of games of Fantasy in the past week. Interesting mix of success and utter failure. I ended up losing both games officially, the first game was against a Goblin army, that thoroughly kicked my ass with 11 Fanatics and 2 Manglers, but we kept playing until I wiped him out.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Musings of A Dangerous Kind

Well Hello again Blog readers,

The few of you that follow this blog anyway. I've had a change of heart recently; I guess it's all this waiting around I'm doing. The Empire Army Idea is now a no go. Mainly, because my enthusiasm for the project has ceased to exist, due to the inability to start it. I think I'll just add to the armies I already have. Soon a friend of mine will sell an army for me, and I'll have a little bit of pocket money to spend. From this money, I'm debating what to buy. Thoughts so far include;

Hellcannon (Warriors of Chaos)
Lilith Hesperaux (Warriors of Chaos)  - Slanneshy Warrior Conversions.
Maybe another 5 Black Knights

Opinions or Questions.
Comments or Concerns.

Anything to let me know your reading.

Thanks, as always

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Musing of a General... On a Griffon

Cool Idea, But the Witch Hunter is cooler.

Well Hello Again Folks.

Sorry for lack of progress on the hobby front, I've been encountering issues. But with out further a dew I present to you my first, and final complete list for my Empire force. The forces marching out of the South Gate to confront Tamurkhan and his monstrous horde...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What's new and What's next.

Hello All,
I'm back again with a further update. Google locked me out for a bit there which is how I explain the lack of posts. But from now on I should be continuing my weekly post habit. Lots of stuff to talk about this week and I’m sure I can squeeze a couple of pictures in too.

Next weekend there’s the new GW release of a new paint range and the new Army Book for the Empire. I’m regretfully neutral on the new paint range; I haven’t tried it so I refuse to pass judgement, they seem interesting. But the fact that GW has basically made them idiot proof is a little worrying. Conversely, the new Empire release has me going bananas, the new models are amazing. ILOVE them. I once had an Empire army that never got finished, well not by me anyway. *Sideways look*.

I’m heavily considering revisiting the Empire, and not just because the new models are awesome. Most of you know of my Warriors of Chaos army lead by the mighty Tamurkhan, Lord of Chaos, well throughout Takmurkhan’s story he comes to face an army of Nuln/Wissenland, Averland and the mercenaries from Marienburg that were present for the battle also.  I plan on making an Empire Army of these three provinces so that I have an army that is directly connected to my Warriors of Chaos. Here’s my initial plan; Subject to change once I get my hands on the new book.

I’ll have a couple of test models, one for each of the three main colour schemes; Nuln, Averland and Marienburg. Here is my Battle Standard Bearer converted from spare parts and a banner I managed to procure from the local GW.
Sorry can't turn it. But you get the idea.

The army will be completed slowly, roughly one model per weekday, not including characters. That should let me focus on making the army good to look at while still maintaining a decent schedule. If you look in the bottom right corner of my notes you can see the plan of which units to do when. I tried to space out characters and special models. I want to make the army as characterful as I can; so the Command models will be each converted or be specialty models, current ideas are in the bottom left corner of my notes.  I’ll be using as many models from the Mordhiem, and Collectors range as I can. Next time I’ll post some of the fluff and background for my characters. For now I leave you.


I'm back. Finally.

Astral Claws Chapter Fortress, Badab System

Well Hello Blogging World,

Long time no see, and I do apologise for that. That thing got in the way whats it called again; o yeah 'life'. Well we've completed our move from Canada to Australia. The furniture and all of my modelling stuff is apparently sat in Brisbane Harbour, so i don't really have much of an update.